This is a very temporary page just to have some ocs public, warning for a lot of scrolling <3

when it comes to drawing them: artistic freedom, fun themes and experimenting is encouraged, interpret these characters however you wish~
I'm fine with gore, artistic nudity, nsfw(no fetish or feral plees) and interactions(with my or your ocs). anything really

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girl friend group:


blaez & candii
witheredwhisper & rosepool

(name TBA, they're still fighting over it ;-)
these cute ladies are in a closely bonded group and hang out very often, sleepovers every friday, gossip, cuddles & all that good stuff ~
encouraged to be drawn together

main sona/mascot/everything, please stick to the highlighted traits. everything else feel free to go hog wild
insane cannibal wolfcatgirl, she's legally and divinely dead. aggressive, adorable, omnipresent.
girl lover, usually homeless, nature enthusiast, manic party animal and professional alcoholic.

nickname Kef, film noir obsessed elegant whore. owner of an underground casino,
knows nothing but the most expensive luxuries and life of crime. has a heavy slavic accent
note: please try to draw the natural skintone version, although both are fine, any fancy 40s-60s outfits (or modern idc) are encouraged ~

nickname Vicky or Vikki, imvu avi, solid black 9 tailed fox.
money/fashion/self obsessed, will use you for her own pleasure.
feel free to draw in any cute pink bimbo style clothing Or rainbow rave fits >:-3
anatomy is meant to be exaggerated and unrealistic

7, zombie catgirl lab escapee, always accompanied by the mutated centipede.
small, annoying and braindead, most of the thinking is done by the bug friend
feels the safest around Marilyn and Victoria

small town sweetheart, soft with only the best intentions.
comfort character, feel free to draw her in any yellow/pink/denim outfit and keep in mind she's chubby :-)
sort of shy and insecure but feels very warm and welcome among her friends, especially close to rami and yuru

bitchy popular girl, has rich parents and attends all sort of fancy clubs & activities (currently focused on cheerleading)
wears 2000s light pink/blue girly clothes, has taken a liking to Honey ;-)

Honey's cool older sister, has an online job and spends a lot of time researching her various interests
admired by all the other girls for her style, has a motherly and sweet vibe,
escaped from the same lab as Siedem, which made them bond more closely.

nickname Ziggy, based on lps #391. modern age catgirl mentally stuck in ancient Egypt.
is convinced she's some sort of high rank deity, works in a convenience store down the block.
no nsfw of this gal please ~ (art and design by puppybone)

The 4th Chimera, invasive guarding spirit. form is half physical, barely affected by gravity.
warning for exposed breast :-p

half-retired mascot. it has no identity, have fun.
one rule: can be drawn in mspaint only

alolan ninetales sona, very sweet and mother-like with a few secrets. can be drawn in any outfit, likes hot pink.

sassy girl, named after the win media player visualization. not very developed as an oc so feel free to get creative ~
(art and design by fartpromiser)

these 2 are very old characters from back in 2013-14. can be drawn together or separate, anything goes have fun.
Blaez is charming and mischevious, Candii is sweet and caring.

warrior cat ocs, can be drawn together or separately.
Witheredwhisper (second name Sanctum) is a rogue and ex-warrior, went down a road of cannibalism and divine madness after being exiled.
Rosepool is a medicine cat apprentice, has pure intentions but is being haunted by her old denmate whom she misses dearly.
(yes they are lesbian warrior cats I love them)

my awesome totally legal fan fox
she's tall, cold and stoic. graceful in movement and elegant. doesn't move around much and prefers to sit, look pretty and enjoy the scenery.

silly glaceon sona, her 2 versions show different behaviors.(imagine those old cringe drawings of split face with one side evil other good)
patterned ears: relaxed and friendly
'blood' in fur: panicked, manic, aggressive
the blood is actually a type of snow algae, while the black ice is caused by coal and dirt.
can be drawn anthro

mlp sona, has the anatomy of Nightmare Moon. the other creature is my unnamed ponytown character, can be drawn too, together or separately ~