STATUS: open
CONTACT: discord (tohylo) or e-mail: (

payment preferably through Paypal, upfront
WIPs can be requested

 TOS here, in short be normal about my work and give credit (link to this website is enough)
 everything, including the price, can be discussed
 stated amounts are a minimum, trying to keep my work PWYW, I appreciate anything extra :-)
 I'm fine with gore & NSFW. just ask, and be of age.

$50+(unless smaller than fullbody)
pieces with shading and rendering, can be anything from fullbodies to icons, chibis, etc.

non rendered pieces, from uncolored to colored with minimal shading. can also be anything

tweened looped animations, the example is my second attempt ever; please keep that in mind
I prefer to stay in chibi/feral area, but this can be discussed

can be still or animated, simple or more complex
all character pixels on this site are made by me :-3

I have not worked with scenes a lot, or at least enough to be confident in them
order at your own risk ;-) will add a proper full example soon

mspaint only /mostly/ doodles, can be simple or shaded

art made in tux; will be messy, experimental and the colors will not be 100% accurate (no color picker)

for more info refer here (currently closed)

any specific requests not fitting the above? maybe you saw something I made and want me to replicate it with your character, I'm open for anything, just ask :-D